SourceLink Communications is dedicated to providing our clients with unsurpassed Nationwide Structured Cabling Installation Services. We strive to offer the highest level of Quality, Value and Knowledge in the industry while maintaining professional services at competitive prices.

Voice & Dataview

Whether it’s the installation of new Voice & Data end to end cabling solutions or servicing your existing wiring, we have got you covered. SourceLinks highly skilled technical staff boasts the competency and expertise to complete even the most difficult of installations. Our technicians find solutions and give resolutions where others contractors find issues and cant’s. Due to our extensive product knowledge and our strong relationships, we offer certification and warranties thru a wide range of manufactures. SourceLink has completed Voice & Data installations in a wide range of environments, including but not limited to Hospitals, Warehouses, Manufacturing & Industrial, Schools, Government and Retail.

Demarc Extensionsview

The telephone company brings your service to a (demarcation point); it is our responsibility to take the service from there. Our technicians will extend the circuit from the demarc to your communications room or designated area, while following NEC and Comp TIA codes and without degrading the circuit or your service.

Access Controlview

We’re committed to utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide our customer with the total system solutions for their Access Control needs. Our staff will create a complete Access Controls solution that will allow you complete control on, what Entry/Exit Point your staff are authorized to ACCESS and when there allowed ACCESS. Our systems will keep complete detail records so you can maintain a higher level of security for your facility. Our staff, based on your needs can determinate a system that is most suitable for you.

Audio Systemsview

Whether it’s an installation of a new Audio and/or paging system or servicing you’re existing system, our trained technician staff receives specialized training and boast the skills needed to get the most out of your system. Our technicians will determine proper speaker placement and decibel levels to utilize your system most efficiently.

POS Wiring/Setupview

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in setting up Point of Sell Systems in retail environments. This includes unpacking and complete assembly including Touch Screen Calibration, Pin Pad/Card Swipe & RF Scanner Setup, Card Swipe Encryption tests, Network Setup and all related POF testing.

Fiber Opticsview

When simple copper backbones are not adequate for your speed and bandwidth requirements, Fiber Optic Cabling is installed. With the current technology up to 10 Gigabit Fiber is available. Our trained staff can determinate type of fiber required Riser, Plenum, Under Ground Plant ETC, whether or not Single Mode or Multi Mode is required, based on distance and other technological requirements.

Camera Systemsview

Whether or not it’s a new state of the Art High Resolution, Megapixel IP System or a Standard Analog system our technicians have the extensive training to do it all from start to finish. These systems can help product your business from Theft, Robberies, False Workmen Compensation Claims and often increase employee productively. These systems can even be viewed from your home or android or iphone. Lower Insurance Premiums are often also available for companies having these systems in place.

WAP Installsview

When a wireless solution is needed for wireless hand held devices or other needs, Wireless Access Points are required. Our technicians receive ongoing training in various WAP systems and due to this training can install your system with their expertise and select proper installation points to receive the best range and coverage possible.

Outside Plantview

We handle all types of outside plant whether Aerial, Direct Buried or Directional boring is required, our specially trained Outside Plant Division, has the expertise to accomplish. SCI also handles obtaining the required utility locates for underground digging, along with the permits and permissions when required for Right of ways.

Projector Setupsview

Our technicians receive the latest training from various Projector Manufactures to stay current with the latest technology. From the projector screen to the projector its self, we can complete your system end to end including Streaming Audio and Link to your Laptop or PC.